(Vienna 1787-1868 Pisek)


Franz Steinfeld the Younger was the son of the artist Franz Steinfeld the Elder and born in 1787 in Vienna. His father was a sculptor and Franz Steinfeld learned in his fathers workshop for some time before he switched to painting and began studying at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. In 1815 Franz Steinfeld became the "Kammermaler" (the court painter) of the archduke Anton Viktor. In 1824 he became a member of the Academy where he became a "Korrektor" (corrector) for the landscape painting class in 1837 and in 1845 he became a professor.

Franz Steinfeld is an originator of the landscape and atmospheric painting of the Biedermeier. The overcoming of the baroque landscape and the orientation towards a "Naturwahrheit" - the truth of nature - are specific for his work. Franz Steinfeld did not compose idealistic landscapes in his workshop but shows us real landscapes which truly exist. Just like his contemporary Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller he wanted his students to paint open air and asked for bigger classroom windows to let the sunlight in. Important for this specific idea of painting was an early trip Franz Steinfeld made to the Netherlands in 1813 and his involvement with the works of Jacob Ruisdael, which left a deep impression on him. The artist made several other trips too and travelled to Paris, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and regularly to the Alps. The discovery of the Austrian mountains as a motif is one of his far-reaching achievements. He died on one of his journeys in Bohemia in 1868.

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